Unlock the power of

Quantum Computing

for Financial Markets

Portfolio Optimization

Quantum computing improves portfolio optimization by significantly reducing the time to find the optimal solution.

Machine Learning

Processing computing intense machine learning tasks on quantum computers helps analyzing data faster.

High Frequency Trading

Quantum computing improves data processing time and fast-track trade execution an unseen speeds.

Risk Analysis & Management

Quantum computing enables the simultaneous simulation of risk models improving risk analysis & decision making.

Derivative Pricing

Quantum computing reduces the number of simulations needed for the estimations of financial derivatives.

Market Making

Quantum computers perform financial simulations simultaneously helping to find the fair price faster.

Quantum Portfolio Optimization Demo

Consulting Process

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Business Analysis

We identify & rank all business areas where quantum computing can be applied and propel your organization ahead.

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Technical Analysis

According to the technology impact analysis we customize a tailored proposal with scope, deliverables, and timelines.

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Implementation & Evaluation

We design and implement the bespoken quantum enhanced solutions
and evaluate the technology impact.

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Monitoring & Education

We ongoingly monitor the "quantum" performance and train appropriate employees as "quantum champions" to ensure inhouse application.

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