What we do

AXOVISION is a pioneer in the application of Artificial Intelligence in Asset Management. Our model of cooperative Artificial Intelligences analyzes traditional as well as alternative data sets to generate precise trading signals in the data noise of financial markets. The systematic use of Artificial Intelligence allows us to recognize highly complex patterns in the data and to draw objective conclusions about the influencing variables of stock price movements. The result is a risk-adjusted share portfolio with an outstanding performance.

Your benefits

Holistic approach

Our holistic approach combines large heterogeneous data sets into a consistent perspective. This enables to identify and exploit the interdependent influencing factors of stock price movements.

Fully automated

The complete automation enables an objective and emotion-free analysis and makes the increasing dynamics and complexity of the financial markets manageable. A portfolio manager finally confirms each transaction.

Long / Short

The flexible long/short trading strategy enables high return opportunities, regardless of the general market phase or changing investors behavior. This way our customers can also benefit from falling prices.

Concept Drift Handling

In order to manage the generated stock portfolio in a reliable manner, the trading signals are continuously re-evaluated. Changes in the market are identified at an early stage and dynamic adjustments to the portfolio are ensured.


We pursue a systematic use of Artificial Intelligence on three levels.


The price development of stocks is driven by the interaction of various influencing factors. Investors often focus only on a fraction of the available data. This leads to a one-sided view of stocks and disregards additional yield drivers. Our machine learning models enable an emotion and hypothesis-free analysis of a multitude of heterogeneous data sets. This allows the influencing factors to be systematically identified and outstanding returns to be generated.


To ensure an optimal portfolio, we include further market data and their interrelationships in our portfolio allocation. The intermarket analysis enables us to use correlations between markets to control the portfolio positioning and investment ratio.


The systematic use of machine learning models allows an intelligent risk measurement and its permanent monitoring in order to identify risks at an early stage and to make automatic adjustments if necessary.

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