AXOVISION is an interdisciplinary team from the finance and data science domain. Our technology-driven work allows us to take a different perspective. What unites us is the passion for innovation and our love for detail.

Thomas Kutschera


M.Sc. Business Administration
B.A. Economics

Christoph Peter


M.Sc. Business Informatics
B.A. Economics

Jan Wessling


M.Sc. Computational Linguistics
B.A. Natural Language Processing


State-of-the-Art Solutions

We are convinced that the answer to the increasing complexity and rapid pace of financial markets is the consistent use of artificial intelligence. Therefore we have made it our mission to develop the potential of artificial intelligence on financial markets in order to offer our customers a modern investment opportunity.

Pioneer work.

Questioning the status quo, proactive research and the willingness to break new ground are firmly anchored in our DNA. The value added for our customers has the highest priority.

Knowledge transfer.

We love our work. Our research-oriented approach enables us to transfer our knowledge about artificial intelligence into the industry.

Strong partnerships.

We maintain our network to the science and finance domain in order to actively promote progress in the financial sector with our partners.